The self titled debut album from SUGAR LOVE HONEY, featuring standout tracks "Explode Like Sun," "Thanks So Much," "Darkness Is My Friend," and the lead-off single "Do Me Right" is now available worldwide via Manic Records. "Sugar Love Honey" can be purchased (digital download only) on itunes, Amazon, cdbaby as well as all other media outlets. The album was produced by the bands guitarist Kevin Delaney and features vocalist Brent Pettersson and Freddy Villano on bass. "Sugar Love Honey" can be streamed in its entirety at album's single "Do Me Right" is available as a free download HERE. For more info visit the official SLH website at:

"Sugar Love Honey"

Track Listing:

01 - Do Me Right
02 - Thanks So Much
03 - Explode Like Sun
04 - Darkness Is My Friend
05 - Abra Melin
06 - Drive
07 - Shadows On The Porch
08 - When All Is Said
09 - Revolution
10 - All End Up


The self titled debut album from Sugar Love Honey, featuring standout tracks “Explode Like Sun,” “Thanks So Much,” and the lead-off single “Do Me Right.” will be available on Manic Records in late summer/early fall. An official release date will be announced soon. Sugar Love Honey features guitarist Kevin Delaney, vocalist Brent Pettersson, bassist Freddy Villano, and Jackie Ramos on drums. Download the free single "Do Me Right" HERE. For more info visit the official SLH website at:



Since the release of Guitarist Kevin Delaney's debut instrumental album "The Awakening" on Manic Records in April of last year, fans have downloaded the albums opening track "Awaken" 10,000 times and counting since it was first offered as a free download on the Manic Records website.

"Quite a diamond in the tall grass, it's encouraging to see that there's still a lot of hidden talent out there" as one fan describes it. "Great instrumental technique aside, there's plenty for the spirit and will definitely appeal to the classic heavy metal nostalgic in us, but with a vein of prog rock that makes it very modern sounding. Bravo." Says Aqualong, another fan.

"Of course I'd love to say I sold 10,000 downloads instead but the silver lining here is, as an indie/DIY artist, I take some comfort in knowing that there are over 10,000 fans out there with at least one of my songs playing in their ipod" says Delaney.

Delaney played all of the instruments on "The Awakening" as well as produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the instrumental album which was released worldwide on April 21, 2009 via Manic Records. The album contains 11 tracks, including fan favorites "Awaken", "The Gates", "Early Rise", "Halfway" and "Carpet Ride".

The single "Awaken" is available as a free download on the Manic Records website.

For more info contact:

Manic Entertainment
Phone: 212-340-1184, 323-957-4610


““Kevin Delaney showcases his musical chops like Shaggy snags a Scooby Snack,” says Sean Coulter of the East Coast Rocker. Translated, that means Delaney’s six-string prowess is displayed effortlessly and often. Kevin Delaney is the guitar prodigy whose work with Out’ve The Box, Sugar Love Honey, Kreep and Grayson Manor earned such accolades. With the release of The Awakening, Delaney unleashes a collection of well-crafted, melodic instrumentals that bear the torch of such legendary guitar players/songsmiths as Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen. The Album Network’s Virtually Alternative magazine once professed that Delaney’s music could “straddle the fence comfortably between the ‘Alternative’ and ‘Active’ rock worlds...” On The Awakening he does something similar, creating a delicate balance between showmanship and song craftsmanship.

Handling all of the instrumentation as well as engineering and production duties, Delaney had this to say about the new release: “It’s my first instrumental record and I’m very excited about it, it’s a very song driven record with the lead guitars playing a more melodically defined role, some shredding definitely takes place, however it isn’t one long guitar solo from beginning to end in the traditional sense”.

Delaney started production on “The Awakening” in 2007 in his downtown Los Angeles recording studio and finished mixing and mastering in New York City this past fall. The first single from the “The Awakening” titled “Awaken” is available as a free download on Kevin Delaney’s official website. For more info on Kevin Delaney visit:

Kevin Delaney Official Website:

Kevin Delaney Official Myspace:


"MANIC RECORDS announce plans to release first solo/instrumental offering from Heavy Metal Guitarist KEVIN DELANEY"  ~ 12/6/07

Manic Records will be issuing the first solo/instrumental record from Heavy Metal Guitarist Kevin Delaney (Formerly of Kreep, Grayson Manor, Sugar Love Honey) in the fall of 2008. Delaney has been handling all of the instrumentation and production on the record himself and gave us this update: “It’s my first instrumental record and I’m very excited about it, it will be a very song driven record with the lead guitars playing a more melodically defined role, some shredding will definitely be taking place, however it won’t be one long guitar solo from beginning to end in the traditional sense”. Delaney is currently finishing up recording in midtown Manhattan, NYC and expects to have it mixed and mastered by the end of the year. For more info on Kevin Delaney visit:

Kevin Delaney Official Website:

Kevin Delaney Official Myspace:


Manic Muzic Volume 1  ~ 11/27/07

In what is obviously our most ambitious compilation series to date, MANIC MUZIC Volume 1 offers music supervisors our most diverse collection of INDIE/DIY music so far. With music styles ranging from Rock, Rap, Country, Jazz, Classical, Experimental, New Age and more, this series is a must have for ALL music supervisors. For details visit the compilation section on the main page and request your FREE copy now!


New compilation Manic Beatz has arrived!  ~ 10/16/07

Manic Beatz Volume 1 is now available. Manic Beatz features world class Rap, R&B and Hip Hop straight from the underground. CD request information and song sampling available in the compilation section of the main page


Manic Noize Volume 3 is now available!  ~ 9/4/07

We’ve waited along time for this one to be ready and now here it is…Manic Noize Volume 3. Another 4 disc collection of the worlds finest INDIE/DIY Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from around the world. Go have a listen in the compilation section located on the main page.


MANIC NOIZE VOLUMES 1 and 2 streaming mp3's now available!  ~ 3/10/07

The Media players are now up for both Manic Noize Volume 1 and Manic Noize Volume 2 and can be found in the compilations section on the main page of the website. All the Tracks on both compilations can now be streamed for your listening pleasure!


"MANIC NOIZE VOLUME 2" now available to music supervisors!  ~ 2/27/07

MANIC RECORDS now offer music supervisors "MANIC NOIZE VOL 2" the highly anticipated compilation series featuring an eclectic mix of ROCK and METAL genres from some of the most exciting INDIE/DIY artists around the world. VOL 2 is a 4 CD Box set that includes 80+ songs ranging from Soft Rock to Death Metal and everything in between. The best part is it's FREE to music supervisors. All music on MANIC NOIZE VOL 2 has been pre-screened and pre-cleared and is now available for licensing consideration in TV, Film, Gaming, Advertising and New Media.


MANIC MUZIC accepting submissions from all "Other" Music Genres! ~ 11/3/06

Manic Records are now accepting song submissions from ALL "OTHER" music genres for our third compilation series titled "MANIC MUZIC". This new compilation will play host to some of the worlds most eclectic mix of Indie/DIY artists to date featuring music genres that are NOT Rock, Rap or really affiliated with the mainstream. Everything from Jazz, Classical, Country, Experimental, Trance, A'capella, Opera, Spoken word, Chants and more is accepted here. So if you are an Indie/DIY artist that doesn't fit into the "Rock or Rap" category, this is your place to submit! As with our other compilations MANIC MUZIC will also be distributed to top music supervisors of TV, Film, Advertising, Video Gaming and New Media from all around the world.



Straight from the Indie/DIY music community, MANIC RECORDS offer music supervisors "MANIC NOIZE" a cutting edge compilation series that hosts an eclectic mix of various Rock genres from some of the most exciting INDIE/DIY artists found around the world. All music featured on MANIC NOIZE COMPILATIONS has been pre-screened and pre-cleared and is now available for licensing in TV, Film, Video Gaming, Advertising and New Media.

New compilation series MANIC BEATZ Coming soon! ~ 8/1/06

With MANIC NOIZE VOL 1 about to be issued to music supervisors of TV, Film, Video gaming, Advertising and New Media, MANIC RECORDS are also now accepting music submissions from the Rap/R&B/Hip Hop community for a new compilation series in the works titled "MANIC BEATZ". While MANIC NOIZE features some of the worlds best underground Rock and Heavy Metal music, MANIC BEATZ will offer music supervisors some of the best Rap, R&B and Hip Hop around!

MANIC NOIZE VOLUME 2 Submissions Underway!  ~ 4/22/06

Artist submissions for MANIC NOIZE VOLUME 2 have been underway since March 1st and have been going full steam ahead with over 50 spots filled already from some of the most talented INDIE/DIY artists around the world. We've been receiving some of the best music this planet has to offer from far away places such as Japan, Scotland, Finland, Ireland, London, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Australia as well as right here in the USA. MANIC NOIZE is shaping up to be a music supervisors dream come true! So artists get your submissions in ASAP! The deadline to submit for VOL 2 is June 30th. Make sure you read the all the details in the FAQ before submitting. This 5 CD box set will be issued to the most coveted music supervisors around the world this coming August.


MANIC NOIZE VOLUME 1 Roster Complete  ~ 1/23/06

Happy New Year Everyone!!!. . and thanks to all the artists who submitted to Manic Noize Volume 1. We got lots of great bands of all different flavors, just check on the members section on the homepage, we added links to all the bands myspace pages or official websites, so check them out and show your support...these bands are awesome and we are excited to share their music with all our contacts in the entertainment industry.

As for the projected release date for Manic Noize Volume 1. .its going to happen in early Spring, late march to be exact so stay tuned. the meantime we will be accepting submissions beginning in February for Manic Noize Volume 2 for a projected release in the fall (September '06) For daily updates and details on how to submit please visit the official Manic Noize myspace page:

Thanks again to all the artists who submitted for Volume 1!!! Hope you all have a great year and we will be in touch soon! 

Best wishes, 
Barry and Manic Records 


We have extended the deadline for MANIC NOIZE VOLUME 1 ~ 10/24/05

The new deadline to submit your music is Friday December 16, 2005.  Note: We are now only accepting submissions from artists either signed to INDIE labels or upstart DIY labels. All songs have to be preapproved by our staff before submitting so feel free to email us a link to your website or send us a cd.


Unsigned artists needed ASAP for upcoming Compilation Series Manic Noize ~ 7/31/05

Manic records are currently searching for unsigned artists to include on our new upcoming compilation series "Manic Noize" which will be distributed to top music supervisors and advertising agencies around the world. for more info and details on how to get your song included . . also check out the Manic Noize profile on myspace.



All Manic Records releases are now available in the US thru The Orchard Distribution, the leading distributor of independent music in the world.

Record Stores and One Stops 

For all you traditionalists who like to buy CD’s from your local record store, Manic Records releases are now available to thousands of record stores from the largest chain retailers to the smallest mom and pop stores. Can’t find one of our records in your town? No problem. Retailers can purchase all Orchard/Manic releases from the following one stop distributors: (Just Have the sales clerk place the order for you) ...READ MORE



The original 2003 version of the KREEP video Carpetride is uploaded watch it NOW or view it in the KREEP Carpetride section.The new re-edited version will be available later in the year on the upcoming KREEP DVD "The medication isn't working" . Enjoy



2 clocks available created and designed by BARRETT ENTERPRISE Out've the Box and Manic Records available . Grab one now.




Added a few songs to each of the webpages for your visual and audio pleasure. Manic Records is always working to bring you the best in quality music and entertainment for your head!



Keep yours eyes peeled for a new look at Manic Records, Manic Entertainment and a new Kevin Delaney personal website in the making. Thank you for your continuous support and time. Please visit the following sites while this site is being redesigned:



Kreep have just released a new video for “Spooky Chick” featuring Sin-D (ex-Bile) which was directed by Kreep frontman Brett Pirozzi and can be downloaded here in the media section. Kreep are also slated to start filming a video for “Rubber Room” this weekend at an undisclosed and abandoned psychiatric hospital in Long Island, NY. The footage will be filmed by Kreep guitarist/producer Kevin Delaney and codirected by both Delaney and frontman Pirozzi. More details on the “Rubber Room” video shoot can be found HERE at Kevin Delaney’s weblog. Delaney recently finished filming additional footage for the re-edited video “Carpetride” which was based on the guitarists near death experience and will be featured on the bands forthcoming DVD “The Medication Isn’t Working” slated for an early 2005 release on Manic Records.

                                            [Posted Friday 11/12/2004 10:49 PM Pacific U.S.A.] 



Kreep have been busy filming new  footage for a re-edited version of the video "Carpetride". The new footage which is being filmed on location by the bands guitarist Kevin Delaney so far has been thru Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn. Shooting will continue over the next few weeks in Manhattan.  You can also read more about the "Carpetride" video shoot as it is being filmed across NYC HERE in Kevin Delaney's weblog at where he has been posting updates daily. The re-edited "Carpetride" video will be available soon on the forthcoming DVD "Kreep...The Medication isn't Working" due out later this year. In the meantime Check out the bands latest  video “Go” from the bands debut effort “Spooky Chick”.


                                           [Posted Thursday 9/9/2004 7:18 PM Pacific U.S.A.] 




Kreep have just released the new video for “Go” the latest single from the bands debut effort  “Spooky Chick”. The video was directed by Kreep lead vocalist/frontman Brett Pirozzi and features footage from their recent US tour with Skid Row as well as some footage from their own backyard in and around Hollywood, CA. The video is available here in the media section as well as the Kreep website:

                                           [Posted Thursday 7/13/2004 9:18 AM Pacific U.S.A.] 



Manic Entertainment producer and Kreep Guitarist Kevin Delaney will be touring the US with Heavy Metal band Grayson Manor, starting May 12th in Tallahassee, Florida. The Atlanta based Grayson Manor which features frontman Brad Cox on lead vocals are getting set to embark on a 40 city US tour  that will keep the band on the road thru early summer. Tour dates will be posted here in the tour section. You can also visit the bands temporary site for more info...In related news, Delaney recently started tracking his guitar parts on the forthcoming Grayson Manor record at Sonora Studios in Los Angeles, CA this past April with Grammy award winning engineer Robert Carranza (Beck/Luscious Jackson/Dig). Look for an official release date later this year...You can hear some of Grayson Manor's previous work, a song titled "Down and Dirty" which was cowritten by Delaney and Cox off the bands first record, 2003's "Back On The Rock" here in the media section.

                                            [Posted Thursday 5/06/2004 10:00 AM Pacific U.S.A.] 



Manic Recording Artists and Los Angeles based heavy metal band Kreep will make their first west coast appearance on Wednesday March 10th at the Whisky A Go Go opening for Skid Row. Kreep recently toured the east coast and mid west last Fall with Skid Row and will be supporting them again on the following nights (3/11) at the Galaxy Theatre in Orange County and Friday (3/12) at Canes in San Diego. Kreep will be back in Hollywood playing a string of shows in the LA region between 3/15 and 3/22 before heading back east for dates beginning in April.

                                            [Posted Wednesday 3/03/2004 9:51 PM Pacific U.S.A.] 


"NEW MANIC WEBSITE"   ~   02/20/04

Welcome to the new website for Manic Records. We will be updating this new website often in the weeks and months ahead, keep checking back for artist updates, free downloads and more on our artists pages which includes Kreep, Out've The Box & Sugar Love Honey. Want Manic producer Kevin Delaney for your next studio project or to lay down a guitar solo at your next session??? Well now you can and its all happening here at the new Manic website!!!

                                           [Posted Friday 2/20/2004 5:20 PM Pacific U.S.A.]